Using Timelines to Understand the History of Florence

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A walk through time with the city's major political, artistic, and architectural accomplishments, plus some of its celebrities. View the Timeline
Cosimo de Medici ("Il Vecchio")

The Medici

The Medici family dominated Florentine politics for centuries, beginning with Giovanni de Medici in the fourteenth century. View the Timeline
Thumbnail Botticelli Self Portrait

Artists and Writers

Some of the more prominent Florentine artists, writers, and intellectuals. View the Timeline


The churches, palaces, bridges, and architecture of Florence. This timeline is still under construction but you can see the rib vaults already here.
Emblem of the Vatican City and Popes


While not exactly Florentine, it pays to know your Popes. More than 1,000 years of Popes, from John XVII in 1003 to Benedict XVI today. View the Timeline
Florence Fleur de Lis

About the Timelines

Timeline Florence is a project to make sense out of the vast number of stories, people, and art that make up the history and city of Florence. My personal big picture. Read more.